5 scenarios that were co-written with an AI

Among many other things, AI is used today to write scenarios. The results are many and diverse but either way, it's worth the trouble

1. Impossible Things : Co-written with an artificial intelligence, this horror movie is proof that nowadays, a machine is capable of coming up with storylines terrifying enough to make us shiver from head to toe. Beware, there is an artificial intelligence hidden under your bed.

2. Sunspring : After they made an artificial intelligence memorize science-fiction movies scenarios, director Oscar Sharp and AI researcher Ross Goodwin asked it to write a screenplay that they brought to the screen. And the result is absolutely hilarious.

3. Eclipse : Entirely written, edited and directed by an artificial intelligence, this short film presented during the last Cannes Lions was a success with the public. What if AIs became tomorrow’s advertisers?

4. The trailer for Morgan : To write the trailer for Morgan, a film in which an AI develops superpowers, the good people over at 20th Century Fox had the excellent idea of using … you guessed it, an AI! Great trailer!

5. Do You Love Me : Standing as one of the field’s pioneer, director Chris R. Wilson chose in 2013 to use Cleverbot – A very advanced conversation AI – to co-write a film screenplay with her.
Still, we can’t picture Do You Love Me winning an Oscar anytime soon…