Can a celebrity save a sea?

Only time will tell...

Wishing to “put back ecology at the center of the pleasure of life“, it is exactly what electronic music composer Jean-Michel Jarre is trying to do. He intends to let the world know that it is necessity for us to save the Dead Sea. Each day it dries a little more and sees its level decreasing by more than one meter per year. This is due, in particular, to the considerable exploitation by the neighboring countries of the waters of the River Jordan, which flows into it.

The location for his latest big show, which took place April 6th 2017, was chosen carefully: under the famous fortress of Massada and a few hundred meters away from the dry shores of the Dead Sea. The stage was erected at the lowest point of the earth’s surface. This made the artist and UNESCO ambassador of goodwill say: “I want to raise the lowest desert on the planet to a new dimension“.

With 10 000 people in the attendance, you could say the concert was a success. As for the environmental dimension, we’d say it was a fantastic way of bringing attention to the issue.

His first demand? Have the sea and its region registered as World Heritage sites.