How did Hermione Granger make it to the UN?

Among the great speeches that have recently stuck with the masses, there is no doubt that everyone remembers that of a beautiful and intelligent 24 year-old at the United Nations: Emma Watson

Emma Watson, whom have become a household name for playing Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter movies, is now a grown up.
If her 2014 conference about women’s rights might have surprised many, it is important to stress that Emma has always supported female education- charities and visited countries such as Bangladesh or Zambia for various humanitarian projects. Before ending up at the UN on that day, the actress has been an ambassador for Camfed International, an organization that focuses on female education in rural Africa. And its through her dedication and commitment that Emma has been chosen by UN Women to become the ambassador for their equal rights campaign, HeForShe.

And just like that, she has managed to put a spell on all of us, once again.