How to become the king of the world with 6 quotes by Richard Branson?

Founder and CEO of Virgin Atlantic, Virgin Cola, Virgin Trains, Virgin Mobile, Virgin Direct, Virgin Money, Virgin Galactic… among others, Richard Branson is one of the most celebrated entrepreneurs on the planet. But most of all, he is a self-made man who always reminds people that nothing’s impossible, not even getting to the moon.

Still you have to go by these 6 rules:

Big Boss Branson (Photo for The Washington Post by Carlo Allegri)

 . The first one is a nod to his free spirit : « Screw it, just do it” (Source : Enigma Magazine, 2012)

. The second one is a basic principle that still needs to be repeated over and over again : “Keep going until you succeed and don’t give it up” (Source : Virgin StartUp, 2015)

. The third one deals with the need of observing what’s going on and what hasn’t been done ever before: Shake up with things and do better than it’s been done before” (Source : Forbes, 2013)

. The forth one is a lesson on humbleness and flair: Not try to do everything yourself. Try to find people who are better than you” (Source : Genius Network, 2011)

. The fifth one seems inspired by a famous line from a very famous movie (“With great power comes great responsability” as said by Peter Parker/Spider-Man’s uncle, Benjamin Parker): “As a leader of people, you have to be a great listener, a great motivator and looking at the best in people” (Source : Big Think, 2011)

. The sixth one, possibly the most important, is the key to respect: “Treat people well, and people will come back for more”) (Source : Ted Conference, 2007)

You know what to do