Introducing Flow Machines, the AI that loves the Beatles

If you ever thought that one-day artificial intelligence would write songs instead of humans, then you were right all along.

Introducing Flow Machines, the software which learns music styles from a huge database of songs and then creates musical pieces in the style of a certain genre or artist.

So far, Sony CSL Research Laboratory has released two songs, one is inspired by the work of Duke Ellington and Cole Porter and the other one sounds like it could have been on a late 60’s-early 70’s Beatles album. Impressive!

Launched in 2016, Flow Machines has already been the subject of many conversations with many considering it the end of music as we know it, and others as the natural evolution of the music industry as progress is something that simply can’t be stopped.

We, for one, are very excited about what the future holds for Flow Machines especially after hearing that an album is on the way and will feature household musicians on it.

How cool would it be if the next Beyoncé or Coldplay album was AI-produced? : -D