Jason Feifer, editor-in-chief for “Entrepreneur” magazine

A reference in the latest business and corporate world news ever since its creation in 1977, Entrepreneur magazine also has a Facebook page called “Inspiration for Entrepreneurs” which posts on a daily basis tips and quotes… from entrepreneurs.
The magazine’s editor-in-chief Jason Feifer tells us why “entrepreneurs-philosophers “ are so popular.

Orange Pop: How do you explain people’s fascination with entrepreneurs nowadays ?

Jason Feifer: A few decades ago, most people didn’t need to pave their own path. They could just get a corporate job, or a factory job, and work it their entire lives. But now we live in unpredictable times. Our economies are rapidly changing, and our politics seem ever-more dysfunctional. The only way to survive is to think entrepreneurially. Entrepreneurs are the people who are taking control of their lives – building their own companies, creating their own jobs, enacting their own vision. That’s exciting, and it’s also critically important.

O. Pop: Entrepreneurs’ quotations and intellectual traits now coincide with those of great writers, philosophers and artists of all disciplines. Have entrepreneurs become the new thinkers of the Modern Times ?

J.F: I think so, yes. Entrepreneurs build big, impressive things. Through the ideas that they transform into products and companies, they change their own lives, their communities, and occasionally even the world. They have a can-do attitude, and so it’s no surprise that everyone wants to understand how the most successful entrepreneurs think.

O. Pop: According you, what exactly is a good entrepreneurial quote ?

J.F: There’s no one great kind of quote. Often, in fact, the greatest entrepreneurial quotes aren’t all that shocking or revealing. Instead, they manage to crystalize a common-sense idea in a meaningful way. Entrepreneurism can be abstract; it’s not like there’s a manual for how to be inventive, stubborn, and risk-taking. So, I think it’s helpful for people to hear about those qualities in ways that are inspiring and easy to remember.

Jason Fiefer, editor-in-chief for Entrepreneur magazine © David Rinella

Bonus question : what is your favorite entrepreneurial quote ?

J.F: Reid Hoffman often says that entrepreneurs need to live their lives in “permanent beta”. We must be constantly adjusting and reinventing ourselves. I love that phrase.