Mark Schmidt designs your favorite video games sets through AI

Lately, video games enthusiasts seem obsessed with one thing : open worlds

From GTA to Fallout 4 and the latest Zelda, everybody wants to see their characters evolve in the widest of world. Because they wanted to do other things than drawing 3D environments for the rest of their lives, Mark Schmidt and some other engineers had the fantastic idea of turning to artificial intelligence for help. In order to create infinite hyper-realistic sets, the American professor at the University of British Columbia has developed a technique allowing the AI to scan a large number of datas (photos, geolocations, etc.) before reinterpreting them graphically.

So we should all thank Mark Schmidt and his co-workers, because if it wasn’t for them, we wouldn’t be able to go all those virtual places

Like we can see in Red Dead Redemption, words are now infinite © Rockstar Games