Our favorite “green” movie stars (after Leonardo DiCaprio)

Genuine commitment or “eco-trend”? We often wonder the real motives behind celebrities’ interest for the planet. But when you think about it, does it really matter? Every little bit helps, whether heartfelt or trendy.
Anyhow, here’s our Top 5 of the movie stars we know do it for the right reasons!

1. Marion Cotillard : A Greenpeace activist ever since 2001, she has described herself as a bonafide ecologist. In Congo in 2010 to talk about deforestation, in a cage in 2013 for the release of 30 environmental activists detained in Russia, in Manila in 2015 alongside François Hollande to talk about climate change; the actress is a fervant lover of our beautiful planet

2. Mark Ruffalo : When he isn’t using his phenomenal strenght to fight villains sent to destroy planet Earth, Mark Ruffalo – known for his role as The Hulk – is a supporter of clean energies development through The Solutions Project, fights against polluting extraction methods with Artists Against Fracking and is the head of the Water Defense organization which aims at using technology and people’s involvement to keep the water resource clean.

3. Matt Damon : In Promised Land (2013), Matt Damon and producer Gus Van Sant dealt with ecology and the polluting extracting methods of hydrocarbons. Today, the actor is an ambassador for Water.org and fights for the protection of water resources, its accessibility both with determination and humour.

4. Arnold Schwarzenegger : Ever since he has converted one of his Hummer so that it can work on hydrogen, « Arnie » hasn’t stopped getting involved with the planet. Founder of the R20 organization, which regroups sub-national governments, towns and regions to fight against climate change; you could spot him in Paris in Ocotober 2014 during the Economic, Social and Environmental Council in Paris; and at the COP21 in December 2015, in the same city.

5. Shailene Woodley : Known for her roles in The Fault In Our Stars and Divergent, the young actress has participated in October 2016 to a gathering of 90 Native American tribes that were against the idea of a pipeline that would go through the Standing Rock Reservation. There have been many videos of Shailene getting arrested, though they haven’t helped overturn the final decision regarding the reservation, it has helped put more light on the threat that hanged over the natural reservation.