Rihanna is Harvard’s Latest Valedictorian

When the charts queen goes back to school

« … so I’ve made it to Harvard! ». This is how pop princess Rihanna started her acceptance speech at the world famous university on February 28, 2017.

The singer who was invited to collect a Humanitarian Award gave a speech that could have only been delivered by her.

Amidst all the carefreeness often associated with her, you could tell she was really speaking from the heart when addressing her philanthropic work, stressing that helping others had nothing to do with being « famous or college educated »

Sporting a more demure look – but still showing the right amount of skin – the artist was looking strikingly beautiful and definitely made an impression on that little guy that was chosen to present her with her award.

We love it when celebs use their power not only to entertain us, but also to talk about first world issues. More power to you, Rihanna!