The guy with the most WTF question

Undeniably THE question of the day

Speakers know it well: the classic Q&A session that takes place right after their interventions are usually interrupted by an absurd question by an attendee who hasn’t quite gotten everything right or who wants to stand out. The research scientists of Rennes’ L’Espace Des Sciences in France were taken aback when they had to answer this question: “I’d like to know, if there was a robot that detects if a fly has been in contact with a corpse in the country side, and goes inside people’s houses, and goes on bread and butter, and earthworms, before people eat it… that it detects the worm, that it isn’t infected… We don’t hear that people can eat earthworm. Because there was a problem?”
Needless to say the speakers couldn’t come up with a correct answer either.