Shine at parties : #DataArt is here to stay

Humanize data through art

Big data, algorithm, blockchain ... we must admit, computer data lingo is not that easy to understand. It's hard to believe that some people actually think of it as an art form. And yet...

We give you « The Art Of Analytics ». Yasmeen Ahmad is an English data scientist who had the brilliant idea of defusing data by transforming it into real works of art..

« The art is providing form to the complex fields of big data and data science – making them accessible to a wider audience» says Yasmeen. For her, it's also a way of mixing science with creativity, two areas that she believes should always be associated. « The best data scientists are not only great at statistics, maths and analytical subjects, but are also creative problem solvers who can translate their work into meaningful messaging that connects with their business and commercial audiences ».

Digital art is becoming more and more important in our society, as can be seen with the start-up Bright. Founded by Abdel Bounane, it is a platform that allows digital artists to exhibit and especially to monetize their work.

The success of such projects shows us that #DataArt is definitely here to stay. See you at the next #MuseumWeek Yasmeen and Abdel.
In the meantime, see you all on the Hello Future website!