“Voted” - Orange Illustration Challenge

It's really cool to be heard. In case you were in doubt, let us show you how your opinion can make a difference.

« Veronica Mars » goes to Hollywood:

When the teen drama of the 2000s stopped abruptly after 3 seasons, it was an entire community that started mourning. The series, led by actress Kristen Bell, had viewers hooked to the point that once it was cancelled, they launched petitions to save it. They will discover that their cry for help were heard when in 2013 Rob Thomas, the creator of the project, announced that a crowdfunding campaign to produce a movie was about to launch via Kickstarter.

Thanks to the fans of the show, more than 5.7 million dollars have been raised and "Veronica Mars, the movie" was born a year later.

Joyce Jonathan, THE breakthrough star of My Major Company:

The beautiful Joyce Jonathan was only 18 when she signed on the participatory label « My Major Company ». In just six months, she raised the necessary 70,000 euros to record her first album. Filled with songs written by the great Louis Bertignac of band Telephone, the album quickly rose to the top of the legal downloads charts and sold over 150,000 copies.

Fortunately for Joyce, the MMC "producers" believed in her talent and did not hesitate to let the world know. Fortunately for us too, because we love Miss Jonathan!

Janet Jackson fans become artistic directors:

In 2006, for the release of her ninth studio album that marked her 20 years anniversary in the music industry, the legendary Janet Jackson decided to honor her fans by leaving them the task of creating a cover for the record. For the occasion, HD photos were available so that participants could make their creations.

In the end, 4 winners were selected and they were able to meet their idol, who gladly to signed the limited editions of the album with their masterpieces on the cover.

As you can see, in any area, it's important to make your voice heard. This usually involves voting.

At Orange, we support innovation and creativity, which is why we launched the "Orange Illustration Challenge".

So vote, make yourself heard and tell us who you think deserves the highest place on the list.