Eminem now has a word in the dictionary!

One of American Hip-Hop’s most acclaimed tune has made it to the Oxford Dictionary in its own little way.
To all the Eminem fans out there, this should ring a bell ;-)

On December 9, 2000, little did the world know it was about to discover a piece of music that would be etched in stone for all time. Thanks to its legendary chorus and intense depiction of the relationship between a fan and his idol, "Stan", the third single from an album called “The Marshall Mathers LP”, quickly earned its place as one of American rap and pop’s greatest moment ever.

But for its author, Eminem, that wasn’t the end of the celebration. Indeed, recently the Oxford Dictionary has decided to include the word "Stan" in its pages, after realizing it was now part of common language. Whether a verb or a noun, the word "Stan" officially refers to "being an overzealous or obsessive fan of a particular celebrity". For example, "I Stan Rihanna" means "I am a huuuge fan of Rihanna".

At this rate, rappers will soon become our language teachers!