Not Rihanna, Not Cara… it's the niece of Luc Besson's wife who sings "Valerian"'s theme song!

Luc Besson has always been a unpredictable character, it is impossible to anticipate his next move; just like when he chose not to use Rihanna for the theme song of his latest movie but instead went to an unknown singer… at least unknown to the public…

Music plays a pivotal role in Luc Besson’s fantastic work. Who could forget Eric Serra’s work on “The Big Blue”, or The Diva from “The Fifth Element”’s operatic, rock and electronica performance? 2017 marks the return of Besson with “Valerian”, aka the most expensive movie in the history of cinema. If you were expecting a big name to represent the movie on the airwaves, the director-producer clearly had other plans. Alexiane, who happens to be his wife’s niece, is the one you’ll hear when the credits roll. 

We’re pretty sure the young singer is the happiest girl on earth, especially considering that Mr Besson could have asked Rihanna who is of course part of the cast but also who has been the #1 artist on the charts for the past decade. He could have made his lead actress, Cara Delevingne’s dreams of popstardom come true but she’ll have to wait a bit longer.

If it’s Alexiane’s voice that you hear at the end of the blockbuster, it is simply because she deserves it. And the song, which wouldn’t be out of place in a Deezer playlist, fits her like a glove. With its dark, electro-pop vibe, this track could very well become one of summer’s biggest jam.

So, will “A Million On My Soul” have more views on YouTube than “Despacito”? Only time will tell. In the meantime, let’s press “Repeat”.