TEST: What kind of "disconnected" are you?

At a time when we are constantly on our smartphones, we wanted to know how difficult or in the contrary how easy it would be for you to go "offline" for a bit.
So, "easy like sunday morning" or "get out of here"? Tweet us your results! 

When you can’t feel your phone in your pocket, what’s your reaction? :

1.  No worries, you ring it with your second phone ♠
2.  It’s ok, it’s in your bag when you are busy ♣
3.  Inside, you are singing « I’m free, like a river! » ♥
4.  Your phone is never in your pocket; you always have it in your hands ♦

In holidays, you use your phone to :

1.  Check-in on Facebook to let all your friends know about all the cool spots you’re visiting ♦
2.  Check out the forecast ♥
3.  Inform your loved ones that everything is OK ♣
4.  Answer to a few work emails, you know, the « URGENT » ones ♠

You’re passing by a bakery and the amazing smell is working its magic on you:

1.  You buy the prettiest pastries and review them like the foodie you are on your story ♦
2.  You go in with some friends and make sure to #photobomb their snaps ♠
3.  You go in and eat your favorite cake and wait for the end of the day to post a filtered version of your #foodporn ♣
4.  You have your habits, Saturday is raspberry tartlets day ♥

A day without your phone for you is:

1.  Fantastic #Unplug #IRL #WATTBA ♥
2.  Hard but enjoyable #Goals #Detox #MondayMotivation ♣
3.  Easy… but tomorrow can’t come soon enough! #LOL #WhyNot #Chill ♠
4.  Unthinkable #NoWay #WTF? #YouTriedIt ♦

When you are with your family or your friends:

1.  You put your phone on mute to enjoy the company ♣
2.  You low-key juggle between your guests and your WhatsApp contact list ♠
3.  Your phone has been off ever since you came back home ♥
4.  You Instagram the whole night, from the appetizers to the last drop of liquor ♦

Which quote defines you best?

1.  “The only way to resist temptation is to yield to it” – Oscar Wilde ♦
2.  “To withdraw is not to run away” - Miguel De Cervantes ♥
3.  “Our life is worth the efforts we spend on it” - François Mauriac ♣
4.  “It is a double pleasure to cheat the cheater” - Jean De La Fontaine ♠


1.  The cheating kind ♠

We know you type! You were the first one amongst your group of friend to talk about a partial connection but you’re really not the most diligent. As long as your not getting caught, you’ll keep doing this, like when you use your little brother’s data to know what’s happening on Facebook.
Sure you can go “offline”… but you might stray away once or twice along the way… or more! :-p

2. The role-model kind ♣

You are an avid user of social media but you’re convinced that clearing your mind and loading up your batteries can only be a good thing for efficiency. In a bid to be even more productive, you’ll gladly play the game until the end. We’re sure you’ll enjoy our tips ;-).

3.  The happy kind ♥

To you, being constantly connected is a nightmare. Even though you use your internet access for work or to keep up with your loved ones, you fantasize about a calm city with many activities to do… in real life. If you could, you’d always be “offline”, but nowadays, it’s not so easy anymore.

4.  The “not even for an hour” kind ♦

Lost cause, don’t even think about it, don’t even talk about it! The concept in itself is so far removed from you. You love polishing your digital identity. Don’t worry, you’re definitely not alone, so wave your selfie stick and tweet your results with pride.