True/False : A Magic Cards video game is in the works ?

After making the hearts of geeks and heroic fantasy fans race for years, Magic Cards are now coming to video game consoles in a very near future. This should make the gaming community very happy.

True! Since their invention in 1993, Magic Cards have never ceased to gain popularity. So much so that today, while enthusiasts all around the world are still playing with them, they are set to make their big debut on our consoles, as it’s been announced by Cryptic Studios (who have already developed Neverwinter) and Perfect World. So far, little information has been circulating on the matter, but we already know that it will be a multiplayer role-playing game and that the project will be Triple A (in other words: BIG BUDGET).

So consider yourself warned: the next World of Warcraft may just be an adaptation of your favorite cards!

Soon enough, you won't even remember that it was a card game initially © flickr