What is the link between Game Of Thrones and emojis ? Maisie Williams!

One of the reasons we love Maisie Williams? She doesn't take herself too seriously and that's truly refreshing :-)

July 17 2017 is bound to be a fantastic day, as we’ll be celebrating not only the launch of the 7th season of Game Of Thrones but also World Emoji Day!

As a tribute to these two events, we found a series of tweets of the young Maisie Williams who plays the character of Aria, the “baby” of the Stark family, and who has noticed an uncanny resemblance between herself and a smiley. See for yourself J

... you must admit that’s it’s pretty shocking :-D

As they say, the first step is to acceptance and Maisie does not seem to have any problem with that. After all, who wouldn’t want to be the doppelganger of Internet’s brightest star?!