5 Start-ups for pop culture, supported by Orange

Orange supports innovation and start-ups willing to come up with fresh and original concepts: Orange fab, La Ruche.
Some of them are highly inspired by something we all know very well: pop-culture

1. Advir.co, immersive advertising:

This start up has chosen VR to attract its audience of advertisers. The idea is simple yet very innovative: include adverts in VR and AR videos and experiences. Whether promotional videos for video games, sport broadcasting or upcoming VR movies, the possibilities are endless.

2. Zaptogethercontrol the feed:

The creators of this platform have relied on the collaboration, tastes, insight and influence of Internet users to design a great sharing tool and find Internet’s best videos. You like a video? Keep it. The rest? Toss it! Via a real-time voting system, you can create your own stream of videos and influence the general ranking of this web TV. Their promise: “Become the real time programmer of a collective, participative and innovative flow”.

3. Shadowthe future of PC gaming?

Will the future of PC gaming be in the cloud? That’s what Blade (the parisian start-up behind the Shadow) thinks, so they launched a miniature box connected to a powerful computer … but installed far from home and available through a monthly subscription. Capable of the same performances as a “traditional” gaming computer, the Shadow allows you to play any video game in high-definition. From jeuxvidéo.com à journaldugeek.com ou 01net.com, the critics all agree, Shadow will be a hit!

4. OmniLivethe new generation of video broadcasting

It is now possible to attend lectures of the best universities, concerts, conferences and events of all kinds all over the world from your home. That is all thanks to OmniLive, a live recording system that puts you in the drivng seat and allows you to choose your point of view with a single click. Already available for the Sorbonne, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), but also french show Taratata, its founder Cyril Zajac hopes that gaming events and concerts will follow through. OmniLive is clearly the future of live broadcasting.

5. FabLabchannel – Les Haut-parleurs, the channel for and by millennials

Clearly, our youth is full of resources! Case in point: Les Haut Parleurs, a bunch of francophone reporters who get together on through the FabLabChannel (supported by TV5MondeAudiensLa Netscouade, Orange, l’Institut Français and l’Organisation Internationale de la Francophonie). Their goal: to express themselves freely, each trimester, in short YouTube videos on global social issues. Their strength lies in being part of the Erasmus network and programs, and therefore able to deal with a multitude of topics in a multitude of countries. Environment, climate change, employment, and representation of women … you name it, they address it!