Baobab Studios: VR’s Pixar!

The future of animated cinema is perhaps hidden behind Californian start-up Baobab Studios. Described by Forbes magazine as “The Pixar of Virtual Reality”, it is at the forefront of animation in virtual reality and its latest project in production is likely to make a lot of noise. Its name: Rainbow Crow.

Presented on the sidelines of the 70th Cannes Film Festival, this animated RV series is co-produced by John Legend, whose voice is also that of the central character. Co-founded in 2015 by Eric Darnell (who used to work at Dreamworks and has directed the Madagascar saga), Baobab Studios is not a newbie. The start-up already has several successes to its name including the shorts Invasion! et Asteroids!.

The story of Rainbow Crow is taken from an Amerindian legend of the Lenapes. It tells the story and the journey of a rainbow plumage bird that asks, in the name of its friends of the forest, the Great Sky Spirit to bring back the beautiful days after an everlasting winter. A beautiful story about nature and altruism that virtual reality should bring to the next level!