Stephen Phillips, the man behind PopGun

Stephen Phillips is far from a new face in the business. Indeed, this American engineer came up with the algorithm We Are Hunted, a few years ago, which was sold to Twitter in 2013 and could generate “tops” and dynamic playlists reflecting musical novelties from messages, comments and “like” on your Twitter, Youtube or Facebook accounts. In other words, music-centric artificial intelligence for the web.

The algorithm genius has since set a new goal with his start-up PopGun: to create an artificial intelligence able to identify the songs and musical styles that will become popular, and also to feed its system with music and sounds so that, one day, it is able to compose its own hits.

If the work and research of this “disruptive-engineer” come to fruition, this new artificial intelligence could become a great tool for music producers and composers of tomorrow. PopGun could also be at the origin of the first bands of robots musicians … Daft Punk who?

Stephen Phillips, the man behind PopGun, and maybe the 1st robot music group! © Colin Kinner