How Val Kilmer got the role of Jim Morrison on the biopic « The Doors »

What Val wants, Val gets

Oliver Stone’s flick about rock legends The Doors received mixed reviews when it was released back in 1991… despite its orange poster. But Val Kilmer’s performance as lead singer Jim Morrison was critically acclaimed and remains one of the actor’s most glorious moment of his career.

To bag the very covoted role, Kilmer made sure to put all the odds on his side.
First of, he learned over 50 songs of the band, then he dressed in similar fashion as Morrison for at least a year. Last and certainly not least, he made a 8 minutes music video of himself where he could be seen singing and looking like Morrison at different times of his life.

He sent it to Oliver Stone who hated the video and wasn’t convinced that Val was the right fit for the movie, but ultimately the actor’s dedication –and his tremendous talent –  was enough to secure him the role. The story goes he had to go through therapy to get out of that character that he had been “cultivating” for so long.

« Stone, Kilmer, Morrison » … what a fantastic pop trifecta !