La Dance Party de LCD Soundsystem

Who never dreamed of dancing in a music video? Well, thanks to American rock band LCD Soundsystem, your dream came true

At Google’s I/O conference in May 2017, the main attraction was “The Ballroom” where people were seen jamming and grooving to the band’s upcoming single via a VR headset.
In other words, a virtual dance party!

There's no party like a VR dance party! Preview of LCD Soundsystem's web VR music experience. #IO17

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Some lucky attendees were able to save their dance performances and watch them later in virtual reality. The best showings will be included in the video for « Tonite », which will be out Summer 2017.

The ever-changing VR experience was created by the band alongside the Google teams and interactive designers Moniker and Jonathan Puckey.

Reportedly, Google is working on a VR version of its Chrome web browser to ensure projects like this one are even more interactive and immersive. Looks like the future to us!