Top 5 most incredible spots of sport VR

The great thing about VR today, is that it takes us places we never even though we could get to. Here’s a selection of the best “places” VR can take us to.

1. In the canyons on a mountain bike: Quite impressive to say the least. You can see a hectic bike ride in the canyons. We’re not going to lie; we were a bit scared, especially during THAT leap that came out of nowhere.

2. Behind the wheel of a F1 car: A lot of us have dreamed of this ever since we were babies. Thanks to VR, we can now take the wheel of a Formula 1 car, a very fast one, in the middle of the Monaco Grand Prix (aka arguably the toughest one). The least we can say is that the experience is mind-blowing, way beyond our wildest dreams.

3. On a tightrope above the abyss: For those who’ve always wondered how it feels to be stranded on a tightrope above the ground, this video might be the best answer… or the best way to feel like Spider-Man in between two buildings in New York.

4. Front row at the Tour de France: For every bicycle race fan, attending the last race of the Tour de France in the Champs-Elysées in Paris is priceless. But since travelling to Paris is anything but priceless, the Tour de France launched a VR experience so that fans all over the world could live the moment as if they were there.

5. The locker room at Wembley Stadium: Thanks to VR, you can now go behind the football (or soccer) field. So why not start it all off from the locker room, then make your entrance with the team on the field and then have a little tour of all the places that are usually closed to the public?
Coming next, the game through the ball’s POV? Who knows!