When an orange and white droid is on the cover of Time Magazine

Beware, Luke Skywalker, there's a new fan favorite in town

On December 14, 2015, the day of Star Wars VII’s release of The Force Awakens, the main attraction was a droid named BB-8.
For the occasion, Time Magazine went super-modern and released – for the very first time – two different covers for its world edition. On one side the saga’s new mascot. On the other, his uncontrollable alter-ego, R2-D2.

The dual covers thing was a nod to the story of Episode 7 that sees the two droids having inside of their printed circuits the two halves of a map which leads to Luke Skywalker.

The moment you meet BB-8, you almost build some form of weird human connection. It has this really cute way of looking at you” said Marco Grob the photographer for most of the Times covers. His cuteness has seduced more than one viewer, starting with the fans, who all wanted a hold of his miniature replica and controlled by a smartphone application. This should tide us over until the December 2017 release of Star Wars VIII – The Last Jedi !

BB-8 is on a roll ! © Time