3 question to Guillaume Salmon, Public Relations for Colette

As Colette celebrates its 20th anniversary, we got to talk to Guillaume Salmon. As a PR for the shop, he’s in charge of organizing events with the biggest stars on the planet.

Orange Pop: Has Colette always held in-doors events from the get-go?

Guillaume Salmon: Yes. Ever since its opening in 1997, the shop was already hosting events, signings, brand launchings, These kind of events have always been part of our shop’s DNA and they represent a great way for us to communicate on anything and everything we have to offer – through all the designers and artists we get to work with.

O. Pop: When you’re putting together events with the likes of Pharrell Williams or the Odd Future crew, how do you usually handle the influx of fans?

G.S.: Depending on the day and the time slot that are predefined, it is already known if there will be more or fewer people. As a result, security measures are taken accordingly and then we use barriers to manage the flux. Fans queue up in front of the store and we let them in in groups so that they can see the artists, take a photo, get something signed, have a look and eventually buy the store’s products. We are very careful not to have an unmanageable crowd in front of the store. It happened once, when Drake was launching a clothing collection and had come in person to the shop.

O. Pop: In general, what added value these kinds of events bring to the store?

G.S.: This is a common added value because these events also allow artists to leave the music niche, to touch new grounds. They also take advantage of the store’s image. Most of the time, it’s these artists or their managers who contact us, which speaks volume. For us, it makes it possible to attract another kind of clientele and of course generate sales, as it remains the heart of our business. But most of all, these events drum up buzz and communication around the store.

Guillaume Salmon, PR for Colette © Radio Marais