3 questions Anne Le Beuz, manager of Orange’s concept store in Paris’ Opéra district

The newest Orange store has opened its doors in Paris’ Opéra district. On the edge of all things digital, the store is the ultimate in the client experience. Its manager, Anne Le Beuz, tells us what gives the store its uniqueness and how it’s managed to make such a success of itself.

Orange Pop: What are the objectives and strengths of the new Orange store?

Anne Le Beuz: We follow a number of objectives at this Orange smart store. On one hand, we want to remain a leader against other operators and on the other, we want to be a major player in the world of digital retail by offering a high quality customer experience. Our main desire is that each client has a highly personalised experience. We don’t force our customer in any particular direction; they’re free to go wherever they want, whenever they want, according to their interests and interests. The essential technical, digital, financial and human resources out there might be seen as redundant, but it’s something that interests our team very much. The possibility for our client to have an “experiential experience”, within any sort of digital domaine, be it the connected home, the quality of sound or their wellness, is what guides our store.

O. Pop: The central idea is clearly to offer your customers a complete experience with as much choice as possible.

 A.L.B.: It’s about innovation in terms of the customer experience at every level, whether we’re talking staging, technology or a one to one purchase. We privilege the customer’s welcome to the store above all else; for us, it’s something essential to their experience. A number of employees are therefore dedicated to this side of things, following processes like taking their phone numbers, asking the customer about their shopping experience and inviting them to take a tour of our 1000m2 shop. Then, according to what each individual wants, a digital expert will come to guide their experiences, helping them to make the most out of their time in the store. We want our clients to be free from any of the sorts of constraints they might have in a different shopping environment. Our advisors are all therefore equipped with individual payment terminals; waiting in line to pay is no longer mandatory. If you’re interested in in a set of loudspeakers, the latest smartwatch, or any of our products, you can try them out for yourselves, too; everything can be tested on site.

O. Pop: You’re combining the digital with the human. Is that it?

A.L.B.: Exactly. We wanted to create a “human” space, centred on how people act. We’ve developed a number of thematics, based around wellbeing, sound, mobile phones and sport. Our approach is modelled on how you might walk around a house. We start in the garden, focusing on sports, then we make our way through to the kitchen, then the lounge and the office. At each stage, digital experts are available to accompany the customers, from the early discovery phase right up to their final purchases. Our digital coaches can demonstrate how a product works, offer their expert advice and bring objects like drones, robots and video games to life. Individual or group workshops are also organised, free of charge, three times a week. Whether it’s helping with configuration, data transfer, repair or troubleshooting, everything is in place to make things run as smoothly as possible. We currently boast the best customer experience rating of any Orange shop in France.

Anne Le Beuz, the radiant manager of concept store Orange Opéra