3 questions to Flore Philis and Marie Menand, creators of project D.I.V.A

Headlining the concert event Night of the Voice 2017, D.I.V.A is one of those rare and exceptional ensembles. We talked singing and song with its founders.

Orange Pop: Why did you choose the title DIVA?

Flore Philip & Marie Menand: For us, the word DIVA evokes the mythic opera singer at her absolute best, with all her complexity, excesses, and extravagances. It conjures up the spirit we wanted front and center!? Our group is made up of 5 operatic singers, each embodying a specific facet of the diva persona. The acronym D.I.V.A. offers each singer the choice of one of the characteristics: Driven, Irresistible, Vivacious and Amorous!

O. Pop: What makes a singer a diva?

FP & MM: A diva, the way we see it, is an artist who’s somewhere between a woman and a goddess, a stellar performer who is as rich and complex as she is fragile and insecure. Their 3 hallmarks are breathtaking talent, charisma and mystery. One of the greatest of them all was Maria Callas, opera singer extraordinaire, whose glorious career inspired us throughout the project. We also believe the diva figure isn’t limited to opera: they abound in cinema, fashion, and musical comedy, too. She’s a timeless symbol of liberty.

O. Pop: When did you realize that your voice was “exceptional?”

FP & MM: We began singing young, at the Paris Conservatory and at the Maîtrise de Radio-France; (a national choral program for ages 7 to 18) and we never slowed down. Song was our means of self-expression, and thanks to some wonderful teachers we became aware of just how blessed we are to have such a voice. They encouraged us and pushed us to become the singers we are today.

The 5 divine voices of the group D.I.V.A ©Louis Decamps