Céline Dion inspires artists the world over

Dès l’âge de 12 ans, Céline Dion enchaîne les projets à succès (Eurovision, Titanic, Las Vegas…) et se fait rapidement connaître du monde entier pour sa voix unique.

What makes her so special? She can sing anything – from folk (“Terre”), to pop (“Loved me Back to Life”), to rap (“Treat her Like a Lady”).Her range defies belief! With ease and brio, the Canadian diva can sing any genre – you name it.;)

Céline Dion – “Terre”

Her silky vibrato has inspired legions of legendary artists, young and old. Think Jennifer Lopez and Gwen Stefani, to name just two of them. These two pop divas admire Céline’s phenomenal energy on stage and that satiny voice. Mika does Céline’s vocal exercises while on tour to keep his voice pitch-perfect! After all, if they can keep a voice like Céline’s purring, then hey, why not?;) But Beyoncé sums it up best: “I want to become a legend, like Céline Dion” – pretty high praise, coming from the Queen B herself!

And it isn’t only singers who are under her spell. Quebecker film director Xavier Dolan is a great example: he attends her concerts and includes her songs in his movies. Her “On ne change pas,” for example, anchors the soundtrack of his hit film Mommy. Yes, indeed, Céline Dion is way more than a magical voice, she’s a living legend!

Mommy – “On ne change pas” (complete scene)