Ed Sheeran volunteers at a charity shop

Everybody loves Ed Sheeran, he was voted the biggest male pop star on the planet by GQ magazine, he’s been ruling the charts all over the world with his new album, he is about to guest-star on the next season of Game Of Thrones … AND, his involvement with charity in England proves that he has a big heart. We love you, Ed <3

#DressLikeEd: In 2014, the singer started to get acquainted with charity shops in his small hometown of Framlingham, England, by sending several bags of clothes that belonged to him. An initiative that has inspired fans to make donations to similar stores.

#Break: In late August 2015, after selling nearly 6 million albums worldwide, Ed Sheeran was at the height of his glory. Yet the famous British singer-songwriter clearly didn’t let it go to his head. Instead of capitalizing on his success, he decided to take a break and volunteer in one of Framlingham’s charity shops.

#BridgetJones: As a volunteer at the charity shop, Ed Sheeran seems to have found a true vocation. Recently, for example, he gave away to Framlingham’s St Elizabeth Hospice a shirt his fans saw him wearing during his cameo in the movie Bridget Jones Baby, as well as 13 bags of clothes that belonged to him.

#GoT: While it has just been announced that Ed Sheeran will have a role in the next season of Game of Thrones, we have every reason to think that, within a few months, we’ll be able to find an armor, a coat of mail or an elf outfit at the singer’s favorite charity shop. To be continued!

No words on whether he washed his shirt before giving it away © Drew de F Fawkes