How many bricks were used to build the biggest Lego store in the world?

The children’s toy giant opened its biggest hub in the world a few months ago, choosing London’s Leicester Square as its home.

The colour of the shop was as much a talking point as anything else, making a statement from the bright yellow replica of Big Ben through to the matching interior. The shop itself is a tour de force for Lego lovers, taking up a sprawling 1000m2 of space.

For its initiation, the entrance of the shop was transformed into a London underground carriage, packed out with some of Britain’s most famous Lego faces. Another day stuck in rush hour might be the last thing you need but when you’re mingling with the likes of Shakespeare, Robin Hood or Sherlock Holmes, is it really that bad?

The only thing to do is to get counting; the shop totals more than 1.7 million Lego bricks, and they’re just itching to be seen!

Next stop: The biggest Lego shop in the world! © Lego