Jack White’s the leader of the vinyl pack

Singer, producer, actor; is there anything that Jack White can’t do? With the creation of his unique vinyl store, Third Man Records, we think you know the answer. 

Launched as a record label back in 2001, Third Man Records has expanded in a big way over the years, eventually opening its first vinyl store in 2009. Making music capital Nashville its home, Third Man Records was destined for success from the off.

Setting his store apart from the rest, Jack first created the novelties lounge, a space dedicated to retro contraptions and attractions. Want to try your hand at the dip n’ dunk photo booth, the wax-o-matic or the Third Man Record booth? In the lounge, anything is possible. 

Recently, the leader of The White Stripes has launched his most incredible project to date. Third Man Pressing is dedicated to vinyls, pressing new records in its on-site factory. You can see your favourite vinyls created before your eyes, and even get your hands on a limited edition record print. It might just be the biggest success for Jack so far; his fans waited in line for the opening days in advance!