The Nigerian Director Rahmatou Keita

Starring figure in cinematic circles, Rahmatou Keita is yet to crack the grand public. It could all be about to change, though; champion of untold stories, this director has an eye on her continent, capturing the beauty of Africa on the big screen like no other.

Starting life in Niger, Rahmatou Keita has been living in France since her student days, living her life between the two cultures. Balancing multiple careers, the director has worked as a journalist, radio and television presenter, reporter and cinema critic, and now, she’s taking a crack at life behind the camera.

Her first feature, “Zin’naariyâ – The Wedding Ring”, was a success from the off, presented at the Toronto International Film Festival, the London Film Festival and the Africa in Motion festival in 2016; how’s that for starters? The film is a tour de force, telling the story of a young girl sent to live with an aristocratic family in Nigerian Sahel. A love story of the highest rank, the film shows off the beauty of the African country and its people, plunging the audience into the thick of it.

Inspirational and hypnotic, we’re hooked on Rahmatou Keita © Amun – Film Africa