Shine at parties : Shimon, the 4-handed musician robot

Shimon is not your average robot...

In dance, doing the robot means to make stiff and jerky moves, similar to those of the first robots that were shown on the silverscreen or in the world of tech in the 60s.
Ever since, these infamous robots have come a long long way.
Today, we give you a very special one, one that can create its own music. Its name? Shimon !

Thanks to an artificial intelligence, Shimon can memorize the musical genres it has heard before and produce its own compositions. What makes it all the more exceptional is that it doesn't think note by note, but has a much broader vision of what it wants to compose.
Another particularity? It has 4 hands!

Shimon's creator, Gil Weinberg, explains that the purpose of his invention is to help men go even further and not to replace them: "Let's develop technologies that will allow people to play and create music in a completely new way ".
Will Shimon be the next #1 popstar in the world? We couldn't say just yet... but if its live performances are anything to go by, it is not impossible.


Weinberg's wildest dream? An original symphony between humans and robots.
Are we the only ones to think that it will come true sooner rather than later?