Who's Who?: The hottest bank employees of the silverscreen

It's hard to admit but one of the reasons we love our bank is the level of sexiness of our banker(s)! Because at this time of year, your credit card is probably burning up, here's a list of the sexiest bank employees of the silver screen. Place your bets!

1.     Leonardo DiCaprio in The Wolf Of Wall Street

DiCaprio as an intense stylish stockbroker made for some great cinema moments... and some great eye-candy too ;-)

Leo was nominated for the Oscar for his performance but he was ousted by Matthew McConaughey ... who also has a role in the film and who could have been in this ranking.

2.     Ryan Gosling in The Big Short

Whether a passionate jazzman, a bonafide playboy or the most badass driver, Mister Gosling always manages to make us blush. In The Big Short, he plays the role of Jared Vennett, a finance outsider who hits the jackpot after betting against banks.



3.     Christian Bale in American Psycho

Yes, it's true, Patrick Bateman is a little bit/very disturbed, but that does not prevent him from having his place on the list.

And by the way, Christian Bale had to go through 3 hours of exercise per day with his personal coach to get to these results


4.     Michael Douglas dans Wall Street

Gekko is kind of the ultimate finance shark. Nobody mixes class and ruthlessness quite like him, and although that should not be the case, it's a winning combo, at least for us!