Killer Question : Can Wonder Woman teach you how to code?

Wonder Woman is one of the biggest film of 2017. It clearly shows that there is a fascination around this charismatic character of the world of comics. While some schools don’t hesitate to dig into pop culture to freshen up their courses, Google is relying on the DC Comics heroine to teach the young girls the joy of coding.

In partnership with Warner Bros., the web titan is using its "Made With Code" platform to teach young girls the basics of coding. Based on three scenes from the blockbuster movie, the challenge is for Wonder Woman to navigate through different worlds, destroying her enemies along the way. With blocks that can be moved around, the experience is simple, fun and girl-power galore.

Made With Code’s initiative is particularly important when you know that in Europe, 91% of application creators were men in 2013.

Here, girls, you now have the super-power to code.