Killer Question : Can you be a runway queen and a coding queen at the same time?

Karlie Kloss simply breaks down the clichés about women. Yes, indeed, you can be on the cover of fashion magazines and code as well! 

The supermodel, who took her first class in 2014, is even studying computer science at NYU, you heard right, NYU.

After discovering how creative code can be, she was determined to increase access to computer science education for women. To achieve her goal, she decided this year to open a summer program entitled “Kode with Klossy” for girls aged between 13 and 28 in New York, Los Angeles and St. Louis to help them learn how to code for free.

No matter their experience, 60 young women already had the opportunity to build their own application that express their personal passions.

Karlie in her brand new Kode With Klossy offices © Business Insider

In 2017, the runway queen opened the doors to her spanking new offices for Kode With Klossy, and it is from those colorful and sophisticated headquarters that she will continue her revolution.

Good job, Karlie ! #KodeWithKlossy