Name dropping: CSR

More and more, companies are proud to tell us about their CSR initiatives, and we think it’s amazing.
... but in all fairness, what exactly is CSR?

If you are one of those people who nod but do not understand when the subject is brought up at the party, we got you covered.
You will finally understand what is Corporate Social Responsibility (see, we’re already starting)

- Societal: relating to society and environment
> see, it’s easier than you thought, right?

- Cradle to cradle:
> when a product, once recycled, is capable of producing the same product… we like to see it as the cartoon version of “Beauty and the Beast” and the live-action version of “Beauty and the Beast”. Rings a bell? Still not? Ok, see you on Wikipedia

- SDG: Sustainable Development Goals
> it’s a bit like New Years Resolution… only we hold on to those much much longer.
And it concerns everybody! States, Institutions, Companies, Individuals... 
We tell you all about it here

- DIY: Do It Yourself
>a movement that aims to produce high-consumption products yourself... in other words, the best way to avoid the queue in store.
- Association for the Maintenance of Family Farming:
>a solidarity contract that leads to a regular sharing of products from the farm.
- Biodiversity:
> we know someone who can tell you all about it way better than we ever could