Popcorn Time : the Fight Club rules (and the Fight Code ones)

We are pretty sure that if we were to ask you the first rule of the Fight Club, you would answer in a heartbeat, same goes for the second. But  when it comes to the others, you might take a little more time.

Today, we take you back to that infamous scene where the mighty Tyler Durden aka Brad Pitt, as a master of ceremonies, welcomes newbie Edward Norton to his violent and intoxicating underworld.

The scene is such a classic that it has been subject to several adaptations. The latest one comes courtesy of from Gwapit, a start-up that was present at VivaTech in June 2017, which took over the codes of the film for its very own Fight Code.

The goal was for two teams to battle (Team Tyler and Team Durden) in a boxing ring for 20 minutes. Contrary to the third rule in David Fincher's film, the game continues even if one of the participants shouts "STOP".

... and we’ve just realized that we have just broken the first rule of the Fight Code. Oops!