Post-Hit : enough with the subtitles fails already

Subtitles ... we will forever be grateful for this invention.
But we must admit that they can sometimes leave us a bit puzzled. Case in point:

When Facebook's king takes a stand

When Mark Zuckerberg gives an uplifting speech at Harvard in May 2017, the subtitles of his social network have a hard time following...

Our explanation: the subtitles were disturbed by the power of his purpose.
We love you Mark.

The Tennis game :

If there is indeed one single sport that does not deserve to be subtitled, it is tennis ... or so we thought.
Who knew Nadal, Djoko and Federer's sport was that "wordy".

You can call it television magic if you want to.

Eurovision and its many languages.

Every year, the Eurovision contest sees many European artists representing their countries on its mythical stage. The different languages in which the selected songs are sung are part of the charm of the ceremony.
In 2017, we had the right to a rather original Belarusian lesson.
And now, all together!

Obviously, subtitles are essential in some cases to facilitate the exchange between individuals

In a bid to make phone conversations simpler for the deaf and hard of hearing, the application "Roger Voice" is able to caption everything that its users say on the phone. and trust us: no chance of finding yourself in the scenarios outlined above.