Culture: The George Lucas Museum will open in 2021

Ready to push the doors of the Star Wars universe?

Announced in 2017, the "George Lucas Museum of Narrative Art" finally broke ground!

Based in Los Angeles, the construction of the future space ship museum was announced last March on Twitter by Eric Garcetti, the mayor of the city:

By the way, what is narrative art?

« Narrative art is visual art that tells a story. It manifests itself in every kind of medium, in every culture, in every form that you can imagine».

Some 30,000 square meters of exhibition and galleries of original works will therefore put the narrative art in the spotlight: comics, illustrations, sets, new technologies or collectibles from the Star Wars universe, such as the light saber of Luke Skywalker or the mask of Darth Vader, and two cinemas that will project movies every day.

If Star Wars enthusiasts will be delighted to discover original works of the saga, art lovers will find there traditional paintings of Edgar Degas, Winslow Homer or Pierre-Auguste Renoir.

See you in Los Angeles!