Infographic : Food Sharing

Food Sharing is getting more popular by the minute!

Food Sharing has been around for quite some time, but do you know about it ?

It is a collaborative economy that organizes and facilitates the sharing of foods between individuals.

This ecological and solidary idea comes straight from Germany.

It is very simple: you got yourself way more food that you could handle, but you do not want to throw it away?  Then share it!

In Berlin, dozens of collaborative refrigerators have been installed, and it's a huge success! This initiative has saved huge amounts of food, reducing waste significantly.

Today, Food Sharing is spreading around the world, several "anti-waste" apps are emerging, like "LeftoverSwap", "Too Good To Go".

Plenty Food Sharing associations are rising as well, with a goal of solidarity, such as the Mauritian start-up "Manzer, Partazer" which aims to reduce waste and feed the Mauritian and Malagasy children placed in an orphanage, by sharing the non-consumed food rather than throwing it away.

Manzer, Partazer is a very promising start-up which appeals to very diverse donors, in the food or catering sector, such as hotels, restaurants, supermarkets ... and even pastries!

These generous donations offer a diverse and balanced diet to those in need, fighting against malnutrition, promoting better health for children in orphanages.

We sincerely hope Food Sharing becomes a civil duty for all of us.

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