The Lovebox will make all the lovers happy on Valentine's Day (and any other day)

Want to spread some love on Valentine's Day... or any other day of the week? The Lovebox is what you need!

We have a little something to help you spread love around you all year ... not just on February 14th.
Introducing the Lovebox !

It's a little wooden box that delivers messages full of love. A love dispenser if you will! And as it is a connected object, it does so thanks to an application available on IOS and Android.

Initially Jean created the object for "his girl", as he wanted to have a way of sending her sweet little words while he was away at the prestigious University of Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Boston.
Why not use Skype, WhatsApp and Messenger like all the other long-distance relationship pros, then? To not trivialize the sweet attentions but make them even more meaningful.

The Lovebox in full motion

The Lovebox is equipped with a small heart that gyrates once you get a message, and unlike a text message, the great thing is that you can already anticipate that you'll get something that is full of positive emotions.

To the shyest and less demonstrative lovers, the Lovebox should help you to exceed your limits. Indeed, Marie reveals: "a lot of people tell us that from now on they say things they weren't really able to say until then".
It's the same principle as letting yourself go on the dancefloor when the light go out, right?

The evolution of the LoveBox

Whether at CES in Vegas or on its official Facebook page, people seem to "Like" the product, a lot, both on the virtual world and IRL.

We must say that even outside of its main function, it is an object that doesn't look out of place in your home, you know, next to your little green plant or on the shelf where you keep all your Game Of Thrones Blu-Ray.
Also, Marie wants to make something clear: the Lovebox is not only for lovers.
She describes the object above all as "a booster of positive communication in the family, the circle of friends, but also in companies ...".
After all, no need to be madly in love to receive love.
With or without Valentine, we wish you all a lot of love!

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