The Sims go eco-friendly

It's not because they live in a virtual world that they shouldn't be eco-responsible.

Once again, the Sims got it all completely right: they want their users to be more eco-friendly.

Recently, the characters have seen their lives change after the arrival of an extension that focuses on CSR measures. From now on, virtual characters can use solar energy to do their laundry for example.

This extension was created in collaboration with the fans of the 3D life simulation game. After having submitted 5 potential themes to be the subject of the next expansion of the game, it is the kit "Laundry Day Stuff" that came first, ahead of "Arcade", "Dangers", "Weddings" and "Accommodation ».

When you think about it, is this new version of the game that surprising, when we know that a few years ago the Sims included transgender characters in their catalog and celebrated gay wedding even before it was legalized IRL? Also, who can forget the extension "Outdoor Retreat" which offered a pedagogy on the importance of biodiversity.

To be completely honest with you, we intend to pack up and join the (very) Smart World of the Sims ... who wants to join us?