Name dropping : Cyber-security

The Internet has its very own world, with its own currencies and its own rules... which also means its own fellonies. Today, we refresh your mind on the vocabulary of cyber-security.

- Bitcoin :
> a crypto currency. We talked about it before, remember?

The smaller unit is called Satochi, as a reference to its creator.
The other cryptocurrencies are called "altcoins". When you think about it, Bitcoin is kinda sorta like Apple and altcoins are kinda sorta like Androids... no?

- Virus :

> Unfortunately, we're sure you all already know all about this one.

- Phishing and catfishing : 
> the internet version of this


- SMShing :
> that annoying text which states you've just won a million euros, and to collect them you must click on some weird website.

- Hoax :
> the internet, April's Fool edition

- Hacking :
> that totally WTF and out-of-character post on your bestie's Facebook or Twitter account... it has the be the doing of a cheeky hacker   

- Ransomware :
> when a user is forced to pay a third party to get access back to his data. Sounds like the story of a blockbuster about the dangers of the web... only it's way less entertaining "IRL", don't you think?

- Password :
> it is a series of characters used to access a protected computer resource. The more complicated the password, the safer you will be on the net.

PS : the whole concept of a password is that it MUST remain private,... right?