Our Pop Predictions for 2018

Come and have a look at what we predict will be 2018's biggest pop culture moments ;-)

We predict more diversity in cinema.

In recent years, the world of the silverscreen has been subject to many criticisms, particularly because of a lack of diversity. Indeed "minorities" as well as women often seemed to be shunned until now, and it is not Natalie Portman who will say otherwise.

Will 2018 mark the year of new beginnings? We think so, at least we hope so. If there is one thing that the #TimesUp movement has brought the women of Hollywood, it is to finally be put on the same footing as their male counterparts. From now on, they will not hesitate to break the silence and point the finger at the injustices of the cinema industry.

In 2018, we are also betting on a better representation of cultures. Last year we saw that a film that focuses on a certain community isn't necessarily "niche" and can resonate with every audiences. Not long ago, we learned that the Afro-futuristic blockbuster "Black Panther" had bested Marvel's pre-sales record, which should be enough to prove to the big decision makers of the big screen that every story is important to be told, whatever the ethnicity of its cast.

Next stop, we're taking you to music's biggest event of 2018… #StayTuned

We predict a legendary Coachella Festival

When it comes to festivals, it doesn't get better than Coachella. Of course you've heard about it before! It's that 2-days music and art fest.

In 2018, the headliners are just out of this world: Eminem, The Weeknd, and the mighty Beyonce!
Are we the only ones who think that this year's edition will on to remember?

Located in the middle of the Colorado Desert, it launched in 1999, but it is only recently that it has established itself as a landmark musical event in the mainstream scene. This year, representing France, the band Ibeyi, the king of the Afro-Trap MHD, EDM DJ Petit Biscuit, and the world-famous Jean-Michel Jarre.

And you never know, maybe Daft Punk will chose to make their big comeback in the desert once again :-p

We predict France's victory at the World Cup of Russia

France for the win! We can already hear you scream on the top of your lungs!

Granted this stands more as a wish than a prediction. But when you think about it, wouldn't it be cool for France to win the cup 20 years after its first and only victory? 

You all have to admit that we have plenty reasons to believe that this year could be the one, after a place in the semifinals at Euro 2016 and with our team seeming stronger than ever (shout out to Mr. Kylian Mbappé!). 
OK, there are other strong teams on deck...Portugal (winners of the Euro), Germany (winners of the 2014 World Cup) and Brazil (we do not even count their victories)... so nothing is set in stone just yet, obviously...

So to sum it all up, we cannot be 100% sure we'll get a 1998 revival, but what's a certainty is that this classic French song should come back with a bang.

Rest In Peace, Mr Hallyday