Augmented reality: what future for mobile games?

Overview of the most popular augmented reality games

For the past few years, augmented reality games have been blooming on application blinds. From Pokemon Go to Jurassic World Alive, here we go for a quick tour of the best games in augmented reality!

In 2016 the arrival of Pokemon Go did not go unnoticed. It is true that the ability to hunt life-size Pokemons has simply revolutionized the mobile video game.
Other applications, on the other hand, have not had the same success.

This is the case of Jurassic World Alive. The principle ? A dinosaur hunt in augmented reality. But the game did not get fans of the saga of Steven Spielberg. A rather disappointing interface, a style largely inspired by Pokemon Go lets appear some copied / glued.

In the wake of the worldwide success of Pokemon Go, Niantic Labs' publisher is already logically planning its next big hit: Harry Potter Wizzards Unite! 

If we refer to the triumph of Pokemon Go among its fans, we already imagine the success of an Harry Potter game among fans of the saga!

Wingardium Leviosa

What can we expect from a Harry Potter game?
Although the publisher has not yet communicated on a release date, nor on the content of the application, the excitement of fans and specialized media is already felt on social networks. Between spells and capture of fantastic animals, we can not wait to discover if the universe of Harry Potter will meet the same success as that of Pokémon!

One thing is for sure, Augmented Reality games are on the rise and should continue to grow in the years to come.