Phone booths, real pop figures

It's time for an update

In France, 300 000 telephone booth were available on the public areas in 1997. There will remains only a hundred of them by 2018.

The cabin will have its imprint on popular culture.

The Instagram account "Payphones" has nearly 70,000 followers. Its creator, Dan Orst, enjoys photographing booths from around the world to the most classic to the most unusual. The hashtag #payphoneography lists nearly 15,000 publications.

The artist Patrick Chappert-Gaujal uses booths from around the world for his sculptures and other artistic installations. However, he still has his preferences: "Of course, it's the cabin Made in France. The model that is my love of Paris, very 70s but with sobriety "

If the title is "Payphone" Maroon 5, the phone booths were doomed to disappear physically ...
But as Mr. Chappert-Gaujal tells us: "A gift, they have joined History". 

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