E3 convention - What's up in the video game industry in 2018?

E3: The Electronic Entertainment Expo is the largest exhibition devoted exclusively to video games. It was held from June 12 to 14 in Los Angeles. That's what we had to remember.

The most anticipated games

Sony, Microsoft Xbox, Nintendo, Ubisoft, everyone's announcement! Here is our TOP 5 most anticipated games in 2018:
Assassin's Creed Odyssey
Embark on ancient Greece in this new opus of Ubisoft.
"Spartans, who are we ?!"

The Last Of Us - Part II
Five years after the release of the first installment, The Last Of Us is perhaps the most anticipated game of the year. Sony embeds us in a blazing gameplay of 5 minutes. Sensitive souls refrain !


Super Smash. Ultimate Bros
This is the major announcement of Nintendo. All characters present in previous versions of the game will find themselves on the Switch. Enough to appeal to all nostalgic as the youngest.


Fallout 76
Fallout is the retrofuturistic game series that has been going on since 1997. Obviously, when the 6th part is presented, it makes noise ...

The Elders Scrolls VI
The Elder Scrolls is one of those games that has lasted for generations. First published in 1994, the game series will be completed as and when. But patience, The Elder Scrolls VI, unveiled via a very short trailer, would be planned for the next generation of machines.

A small bonus?
This is the classic. Every year, the announcement of the new FIFA is eagerly awaited. There is no question of derogating from the rule. The developers of EA Sports will not have disappointed their fans:

A new Xbox for Microsoft?

E3, it's above all 70.000 visitors come to attend conferences and test the games in preview.
If there is one announcement that has not gone unnoticed, it's that of Phil Spencer, CEO of the XBOX division at Microsoft: the new generation of Xbox.
For the moment, no images has emerged. The teams are currently working on it.
Would Microsoft wait for the next E3 show to unveil its new console?