France wins the World Cup ... according to FIFA18!

What if we could really predict the victories of the biggest sporting events?

According to EA Sports, France should win the 2018 World Cup by beating Germany on penalties in the final!
The developers of FIFA 2018 simulated the tournament based on their huge database, integrating all the information of the players and their characteristics.

Algorithm & Datas: And if we could really predict the victories of major sporting events?

In the past, EA Sports had already made good predictions. First in 2010 with the coronation of Spain, then that of Germany in 2014. 
But the firm is not on its first try since the game of American football Madden NFL has also guessed the winner of the Super Bowl nine times over the last thirteen editions.

A nice advertising stunt for EA Games.

All this is not without recalling the story of Paul the Octopus. Out of 14 predictions, 12 have finally proven accurate, including the victory of Germany, propelling the octopus to the rank of "oracle".

In the end, the predictions of major sporting events have always aroused a certain interest. And it's not Marty who will tell us the opposite!