The Pop Corn moment : Westworld

When artificial intelligence meets the universe of the Wild West.

We were talking recently about the place of artificial intelligence in our society. It was also one of the highlights of the Viva Technology event. Today, we are interested in the Westworld series and its fantastic universe.

Westworld is the series that brings together past and future in one world.

In the near future, an American company has recreated a gigantic park on the theme of the Wild West. Its originality? The park is populated with hosts: robots in human form more real than nature. The rich customers of the park can satisfy all their desires, as in the wild west!

If the pitch seems almost perfect, the series takes us into a world where the machine awakens. The artificial intelligence created by the man will then try to emancipate his creator (played by Anthony Hopkins) in order to no longer be controlled by man.

The breaking point? Reality.
Machines, although created by the man, have an history of their own with false memories of their past life. When they understand that all this is lies, they will fight for what they believe in: their existence. 
Then comes the question of the definition of reality: if one believes in it, is that not the less real?

To discover the answer to this question, it will be necessary to wait for the end of Season 2, currently broadcast on OCS.